LipServus by Sunshine

Trumpet and Entertainment for Earth and Otherwise

Who Is Sunny?

Sunny has spent almost the entirety of his time on Earth in Seattle, WA, USA.  Early in this stay, he found both an affinity for the trumpet and for performance, and thanks to a school district that still perceived value and virtue in the Arts, his proclivities were fed.

Nowadays, Sunny enjoys many artistic pursuits, but most of all he loves bringing people together to play music.  Over on the right you'll see what he does.  And word has it he'll be able to pull something entirely different off just for you.  Do get in touch.

What Is That Funny Horn?

He is usually found with what is called a "Pocket Trumpet". It has the same amount of tubing as a regular trumpet, so it plays the same notes.  However, the compact volume allows for easy travel and keeps potential impact areas small (keep in mind many of these venues and stages are very crowded, and the energy frenetic).

Not to scale.

Not to scale.

He is an Entertainer

MC, Trumpet - Super Geek League Sci-Fi Circus
Bandleader, Trumpet, Vocals - Butt Dial Party Band
Trumpet, Vocals - Jonny Sonic
Trumpet - Copastetic, Devils Hunt Me Down, and a litany of recurring and ad-hoc missions of music.

Curator and Assembler - of fine custom musical groups, particularly brassy ones, bespoke to your particular needs.

Got an album coming up?  
Need one horn, or a whole cadre of musicians?
Searching for a band for your wedding?
Throwing a genteel corporate soirée, or a raucous house party?
Let's discuss.

He is an Officiant and Speaker

Master of Ceremonies and a twice-ordained Minister for weddings, wakes, mitzvahs, parties and all manner of social gatherings, be they lighthearted or reverent.

  "I've received countless compliments on how well the ceremony was delivered, and on how much it came through that you care. ETERNAL THANKS for everything you did for us."
wedding client, 2015

"Amazingly Perfecto"
wedding client, 2017

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